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friend three

well, one of the big things about me is that i have had a giant crush on daniel handler for a bunch of years. it’s actually mostly died down lately, but a few years ago i had the opportunity to be part of an open mic at a reading with him. i just about died, but i am still alive.

one of the really good things that happened was that i got to listen to Friend Three, who i will call “adam balbo,” play music. i really liked it and it turned out he really liked my story, too. we became a momentary mini mutual admiration society.

a few months later, we were both at a kimya dawson show. he seemed pretty bummed about life, and i happened to have a bracelet (with a bunny on it i think?), so i gave it to him.

since then, he’s been doing a lot of really great music, including some with other bands and people i really like. but i’ve morphed into “cubbie the grown up who teaches and really basically never goes to shows any more” and so i haven’t really gotten as involved in his music as i think i should, for all the promising events of the beginning of our friendship. but i still really like that he’s out there making music and being himself, because that musician who i saw play and the person who i gave the bunny bracelet are one good guy.


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why i’m doing this.

the other day, i was talking with my friend in her car. we were talking about facebook. she was saying that facebook makes her feel exposed and anxious. i was saying that i have other friends that feel the same way (my girlfriend of 4 years doesn’t even have a facebook), but that it’s the opposite for me. i feel strangely secure, wrapped in my facebook friends.

i don’t know if it’s because i’ve moved so many times, or because i’m an xnfp, or because i’m an only child or a taurus, or d) all of the above (that is my guess, though), but for me, the connections i find on facebook feel real.

in a few other conversations, i’ve also expressed how i probably think of at least 250 of my 579 facebook friends as “bff’s” and another 100 or so are people that i wish were bff’s. i estimate about 100 of my “friends” are not people but places and things. so there are really only about 100 or so people on my facebook who i think i relate to in the way you’re “supposed to” relate to your facebook friends– casual acquaintances who you…

i don’t really do casual acquaintances actually, very well, so i’m not even sure what you do with them.

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