friend six.

August 9, 2011 at 4:07 pm Leave a comment

friend six, who i will refer to here as aidan, is an intriguing mix of boundless energy, sexiness, and generous kindness. i’ve always known about the first two elements of his personality and frankly, it’s been a little intimidating. he went to school with my ex and was part of that circle of friends, coming all the way to seattle for a party, telling me about good places to eat in olympia, knowing the cool people. i’ve never not liked him, but as a kind of shy, homebody type of person, those aspects put a little bit of distance between us.

but then, more recently, i had a bit of a crisis, and posted a request for phone numbers of people i could vent to, and his was the first that came. it was like some psychic link had been forged because honestly, he’s one of a very small handful of my facebook friends who has actually dealt with the particular situation that i was (and am) dealing with, and his advice and support at this particular is like gold. every once in awhile, i get “hugs” messages from him, out of the blue, and forget why i was ever intimidated.


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