friend seventeen.

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friend seventeen, who i will refer to here as “alison c.,” and i have one of those typical bay area and/or grown-up friendships of the “let’s hang out!” “yes, let’s!” … “we should really hang out!” “yeah, i’d like that!” … etc. types.

we met one time at a big group outing organized by a mutual friend. the plan was to go to the grease sing-a-long in san francisco, and our friend who organized it brought together a bunch of people for dinner out beforehand. i ran late to the dinner and wound up sitting next to friend seventeen and her partner and being charmed by both of them. as the group of people at the far end of the table away from the host of the whole thing, we kind of formed our own little club because shouting across the room was hard. we talked about fascinating things like the way that the restaurant plated foods beautifully. on the walk to the movie theater, we talked about commitments and babies and things like that, a little bit deeper than my memory of the dinner conversation. it was nice. there should be more. she’s smart and funny and thoughtful, all things i find important in friendships.

it also turns out that we have a mutual friend in another city, so that’s fun, too. besides genuinely liking friend seventeen and the potential for our friendship anyway, her friendship with the mutual friends we have makes friendship with her seem like it would be quite valuable.


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