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friend fifty-seven.

yesterday, my girlfriend burst into some of the biggest laughter i’ve heard from her in a long time. “i’m not sure if this was meant for me or not, but friend fifty-seven just sent me a text message that said, ‘fuck, now i can’t tell the difference between celery and green onions.'” for this, i will be forever grateful, because we’ve been having a sad time in our house, and things that make her laugh make me happy. and i don’t care if he can’t tell the difference between the two as long as he leaves them both out of my food.

for about a year, i really only knew of friend fifty-seven from word of mouth– he was the teacher in the class that my girlfriend worked in. cute and/or distressing stories of kids and the amusingly aloof music aficionado of a teacher made it home regularly. later, she started working as a teacher at the same school as his fiance and so i’d get to hear stories about him as boyfriend as well– impulsive tattoos and leaving when the house was full of crafting women further filled out my perception of someone she clearly liked and respected.

we got invited to their wedding where we became “the dancing couple” at the reception (later learning, though my girlfriend had suspected, that the party music standards we were dancing to, were not actually the songs they had carefully, meticulously, and artfully chosen). we’ve hung out a few times, and our various shynesses and social awkwardnesses, as well as our very different interests, have not made for the best conversations. but i know that he enjoys my facebook posts about watching “wings” so i feel a little less awkward.


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friend forty-seven.

creative. dynamic. a little intimidating. someone with a very strong presence who stirs up the positive energy when she enters a room, i wasn’t surprised to learn that after we went to new college together, friend forty-seven, who i will refer to here as “april danyluk,” went to clown school. a snazzy dresser and fantastic performer, at college, if friend forty-seven was there, i knew whatever event i was at was going to have a beautiful and fun level of unconventionality. we lived in the bay area for a little while at the same time, and ran into each other at an event out here, but we’re still in that “friendship potential” stage of things.

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friend forty-nine.

friend forty-nine, “april doner arts,” is not a person, but instead the facebook presence of the art of friend forty-eight. unblinkingly real and unabashedly imaginary, her art is a beautiful addition to the town i grew up in, the kind of town where much of the art is purple pottery created by middle-aged rich white women in kimonos (she’d like me to let you know she values their art as well).

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friend forty-eight.

recently, i had the great joy of getting to dance with friend forty-eight, who i will refer to here as “april doner,” for the first time in years. she was visiting a mutual friend out here in the bay area, and we took her to the fabulous (as long as you aren’t wearing shorts) harry denton’s starlight room. somehow friend forty-eight was like a ray of fierce florida sunshine as she danced. there’s something missing in the way most of people dance, but new college reminds you how to stay joyfully in your body when you dance, and that was what i saw when friend forty-eight danced.

at college, we shared similar circles of friends, and i always appreciated how she managed to combine an open heart and goofy demeanor with a deep level of gracefulness. kind, artistic, political, brave, and, like i said, graceful, friend forty-eight is one of the rare people who stuck around in sarasota after graduating college. she loves it and i’m glad she’s found her home.

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friend forty-one.

friend forty-one, who i will refer to here as “anne brodzky,” is probably one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people on the planet. she’s the quaker woman who runs meridian art gallery with her husband. the art gallery has had amazing exhibits of social justice-related art and also offers internships for low income teens. the building is stunning and when i was trying to work up the motivation to run the young adult quaker group, she offered the space for some of our events. the space is gorgeous, with cozy spots for conversation.

friend forty-one and i met for a conversation at the gallery one morning, to discuss social justice, diversity within quakerism, racism, and all the other big things. i was struck by her energy, passion, and the amount of thought she’s put into all of these big topics. that was 3 or 4 years ago and most of our other conversations have involved me whizzing past her through the meetinghouse, too “busy” to talk again. but i’d like that to change.

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friend thirty-seven.

my best friend and i used to hang out with this entertaining younger girl who was the daughter of my friend’s parents’ friends… yes. and one evening, she hilariously regaled us with a description of this chicken alarm clock that sang a funny song.

somehow, in college, i wound up telling someone, friend thirty-seven, about this friend telling me about this alarm clock… and SHE HAD THAT ALARM CLOCK. when you are in early adulthood, that is pure magic.

another thing about friend thirty-seven that was magic was her cat. we were next door neighbors for a semester, and during that semester, i got to cat-sit once, which was fantastic.

she also had a really fun boyfriend who came and visited…

and… that’s sort of it. except even though she’s shy and mysterious, and i’m not sure how many other interactions we had, she’s one of my favorite people.

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friend thirty-two.

friend thirty-two, who i will refer to here as “amelia bird,” was part of what may have been the most perfect moment in my life. and fortunately for me, it was captured on videotape, and whenever i watch it, i still get misty-eyed.

at new college, there is this wonderful thing called “dance tutorial.” students choreograph dances, find other students willing to perform them, and at the end of every semester, there is an epic outpouring of love and support for these performances, which vary in range from amazingly talented to endearingly earnest to intentionally hilarious. one performance forever stands out for me. in it, three fabulous ladies danced to toto’s “africa” in a way that was definitely on the “intentionally hilarious” side of things, but there was something about it that was even more than that. i’m not sure what was so perfect about it, but to give you an idea, i will tell you that friend thirty-two wore ’80’s workout gear and a fannypack from which she later pulled out feathers, another of the performers rolled a tire across the stage, and eventually they all got the audience to sing along. when i showed the video to my girlfriend, worried she wouldn’t understand, she totally got it– it is perfect. “it’s everything that’s good about being in college.” it’s like an interpretive dance of the freedom, joy, acceptance and goofiness of that time in life. so good.

another thing about friend thirty-two is that she’s stunningly beautiful. in a lot of the traditional ways that beauty is defined in this society, but with this extra added boldness, sweetness, and intelligence that makes it more than the world expects. i’ve sat around naked with her and discussed a whole lot of things. i’ve fed her with my hands and she’s fed me with her hands at college parties. she gives fantastic hugs and is wonderful to talk to about the broad issues of the world or the things one’s heart is wrestling with.

i was about to say i saw her recently, and then realized that by that i mean 2 or 3 years ago. she was finishing up a revered writing mfa program in the midwest and was visiting one of the friends who was in that dance performance (and come to think of it, the third lady was there as well), and i got to hang out with them and help her make us all a giant amazing pot of tom kha soup. another great moment in my life. nothing will top that dance, but sharing amazing food comes pretty close.

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