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friend four.

the problem with the place i got my undergrad degree is that pretty much everyone is so awesome that there can be people you would have spent tons of time with in other circumstances, but at new college, everyone was so interesting and fantastic, a lot of amazing people just never quite made it into your “circle.” they were the people you’d wave to while walking to class or chat with while in the same vicinity, but hanging out, one on one, never happened.

my strongest memory of friend four, who i will refer to as adrienne, might be one of my earliest. i had a silly little radio show on the college radio station (that didn’t make it off campus, and hardly made it to all the dorms). somewhere in the context of this radio show, i had a conversation with friend four about they might be giants’ “i should be allowed to think.” and embarrassingly enough, it’s because of friend four that i learned that the song had anything to do with allen ginsberg. (the first lines of the song are “i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness starving hysterical.”) she had lots of deep things to say about this connection, and i… nodded. a lot.

if time went slower, a lot of the waves and smiles would probably have turned into other conversations. friend four has always struck me as smart and funny, and an unintimidating blend of friendly and cool. i added them on facebook in the hopes that we’d move past smiles and waves, but shockingly, life is even busier and faster outside of college than it was in college.


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