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friend sixty-one.

friend sixty-one, “beth prentiss,” is hard to write about. she’s someone i’ve always thought is really awesome and smart, but who i’ve also been pretty intimidated by. we went to new college together and she was a very vocal and fierce feminist, and as a shy, awkward, uncertain feminist, i was afraid of doing or saying things that were somehow unfeminist around her, especially because she was really pretty and i could barely handle myself around pretty peers.

one of the themes of many of these posts is how much i’d like to interact with the people i used to be somewhat intimidated by because i think i’d do a better job of actually talking to them, because i finally regard myself as equally human. friend sixty-one doesn’t live too far from me, so that makes it more possible than with some other people, i think. but then there’s also this weird fear that i’m just going to blab out all of the ways i’ve ever felt awkward and how glad i am to not feel that awkward, and what kind of conversation is that.

my dream conversation with friend sixty-one would be less about me or how relatively awkward or confident i feel, and more about big global issues as well as our grown-up perspectives on the weird reality that was new college. it also looks like she studied a subject that is currently dear to me, so that could be a good start, too.

a big part of the reason i’d like to be real friends with friend sixty-one is because even though she has an intimidating exterior, sometimes these expressions of sheer delight cross her face and that looks like fun.


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friend fifty.

man, does this guy have a presence.

when i started at new college, friend fifty, who i will refer to here as “RKD,” was an older student who loved the work of augusto boal. he offered workshops on theater of the oppressed which was his passion. in high school, theater in general had been one of my passions, so i was excited to participate. the interactive participation of theater of the oppressed was a fun way to be introduced to new college, its freedom, and the ways its students were passionate and thoughtful. i didn’t pursue theater of the oppressed much after that workshop, but i always had a positive perception of friend fifty.

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friend forty-seven.

creative. dynamic. a little intimidating. someone with a very strong presence who stirs up the positive energy when she enters a room, i wasn’t surprised to learn that after we went to new college together, friend forty-seven, who i will refer to here as “april danyluk,” went to clown school. a snazzy dresser and fantastic performer, at college, if friend forty-seven was there, i knew whatever event i was at was going to have a beautiful and fun level of unconventionality. we lived in the bay area for a little while at the same time, and ran into each other at an event out here, but we’re still in that “friendship potential” stage of things.

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friend forty-eight.

recently, i had the great joy of getting to dance with friend forty-eight, who i will refer to here as “april doner,” for the first time in years. she was visiting a mutual friend out here in the bay area, and we took her to the fabulous (as long as you aren’t wearing shorts) harry denton’s starlight room. somehow friend forty-eight was like a ray of fierce florida sunshine as she danced. there’s something missing in the way most of people dance, but new college reminds you how to stay joyfully in your body when you dance, and that was what i saw when friend forty-eight danced.

at college, we shared similar circles of friends, and i always appreciated how she managed to combine an open heart and goofy demeanor with a deep level of gracefulness. kind, artistic, political, brave, and, like i said, graceful, friend forty-eight is one of the rare people who stuck around in sarasota after graduating college. she loves it and i’m glad she’s found her home.

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friend forty-five.

the friendliest face. that’s what characterizes most of my memories of friend forty-five, annie s.

when i was in college, i had a housemate who was in a band out of his bedroom. he’d play drums from his second floor bedroom and his friends would come over and they’d play instruments and sing. it was always a pleasure when friend forty-five would come over to visit him, and her singing voice was the best thing to float into my room from his.

our families lived in the same part of florida’s west coast during those college summers and there were always vague friendly plans to hang out.

and right now, all of her posts are fierce wonderful things about the occupy student debt campaign. after years of feeling charmed but shy, i now feel a little intimidated and awed as well.

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friend forty.

like many of us, when i was in high school and college, i wrote wretchedly bad poetry. my freshman year of college, i tried to get into a much-coveted poetry class with a poem about the chipped silver nailpolish of the girl i had a crush on and a statement of purpose about how i never edited anything. i didn’t get in. friend forty, funnily enough, was the person who had to tell me the news. before that, i think our friendship potential had been quite high, but after that, even though it hadn’t been her decision, i think i got a little distant. which is sad, because this smart girl with a sweet demeanor and smile and actual poetry talent would probably have been a lot of fun to hang out with.

perhaps i have the chance again. we recently ran into each other (she was with friend twenty-nine) at the sfmoma cafe, and made all of those “let’s be facebook friends and really hang out” hopes and promises. i hope it can work out.

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friend thirty-seven.

my best friend and i used to hang out with this entertaining younger girl who was the daughter of my friend’s parents’ friends… yes. and one evening, she hilariously regaled us with a description of this chicken alarm clock that sang a funny song.

somehow, in college, i wound up telling someone, friend thirty-seven, about this friend telling me about this alarm clock… and SHE HAD THAT ALARM CLOCK. when you are in early adulthood, that is pure magic.

another thing about friend thirty-seven that was magic was her cat. we were next door neighbors for a semester, and during that semester, i got to cat-sit once, which was fantastic.

she also had a really fun boyfriend who came and visited…

and… that’s sort of it. except even though she’s shy and mysterious, and i’m not sure how many other interactions we had, she’s one of my favorite people.

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