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friend forty-five.

the friendliest face. that’s what characterizes most of my memories of friend forty-five, annie s.

when i was in college, i had a housemate who was in a band out of his bedroom. he’d play drums from his second floor bedroom and his friends would come over and they’d play instruments and sing. it was always a pleasure when friend forty-five would come over to visit him, and her singing voice was the best thing to float into my room from his.

our families lived in the same part of florida’s west coast during those college summers and there were always vague friendly plans to hang out.

and right now, all of her posts are fierce wonderful things about the occupy student debt campaign. after years of feeling charmed but shy, i now feel a little intimidated and awed as well.


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friend three

well, one of the big things about me is that i have had a giant crush on daniel handler for a bunch of years. it’s actually mostly died down lately, but a few years ago i had the opportunity to be part of an open mic at a reading with him. i just about died, but i am still alive.

one of the really good things that happened was that i got to listen to Friend Three, who i will call “adam balbo,” play music. i really liked it and it turned out he really liked my story, too. we became a momentary mini mutual admiration society.

a few months later, we were both at a kimya dawson show. he seemed pretty bummed about life, and i happened to have a bracelet (with a bunny on it i think?), so i gave it to him.

since then, he’s been doing a lot of really great music, including some with other bands and people i really like. but i’ve morphed into “cubbie the grown up who teaches and really basically never goes to shows any more” and so i haven’t really gotten as involved in his music as i think i should, for all the promising events of the beginning of our friendship. but i still really like that he’s out there making music and being himself, because that musician who i saw play and the person who i gave the bunny bracelet are one good guy.

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