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friend fifty-three.

she said, “you should meet friend fifty-three, barnaby. we call him the spine-ripper.”

so, i was surprised to meet a calm, friendly, somewhat geeky young man who was really fun to talk to. when i lived in the pacific northwest, we hung out in groups a few times in seattle, and we’ve become facebook friends. i always look forward to his posts about his life and political things, as well as events that he’s going to that sound fun. he also posts about things related to all this technology stuff we are all embroiled in and when my eyes don’t glaze over, i appreciate those things, too.

for the record, he has never actually ripped out a spine, but he says that when one does, it sounds like a giant zipper, only wetter.


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oh my stars.

good morning.

it’s one in the afternoon.

i’m bleary-eyed and foggy after a week-long trip to the pacific northwest, going broke on donuts and coffee and cute independently produced art. my back is cramped from too many types of beds and my sinuses are going crazy.

but the trip was amazing. it was amazing to see all of the wonderful places i used to know so well. olympia has really barely changed, and then as we were driving out of seattle in the pouring rain, i thought that i could have just as easily wrapped myself in coffee and KEXP as i did when I was 23 years old.

we saw people, but just a select few. those selections always make me feel guilty, but if i saw all of the people i wanted to see in all of the places we spent a day and a half, i would be even less functional today than i am, and i would have been a basketcase all trip, trying to coordinate schedules and transportation. instead, it was just 1 or 2 sets of folks each place. and that was perfect. except for that whole leaving people out thing. someday. someday there will be infinite time to see all of the dear ones. (that’s what facebook is for, right?)

i miss it all, you know. that’s the trouble with me and all the moving i’ve done. there’s always someone to love, but there’s also always someone to miss. there are places that stay achingly the same and there are places that change beyond recognition so you’re afraid of going back. and there are people who hug the same and people who talk the same and people who have lost weight and people who are now in love and people who still knit and people who make you laugh until you cry and people you want to stay up talking to past 3 am and people who have known you since you were a person who embarrasses you now… and i’d like to have you all in my pocket or as my upstairs neighbor, but instead you are flung out and scattered like the stars.

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friend twenty-one.

it is a cold, drizzly seattle night. we are standing outside of a pub that reminds me of chaucer, where i’ve just had the first beer i’ve ever enjoyed, and we are discussing the differences between seattle, portland, and olympia, in preparation for friend twenty-one’s impending move. i am in love with seattle, not wanting to be anywhere smaller, but friend twenty-one, who i will refer to here as “alissa nielsen,” is talking about how portland is a great blend between seattle and olympia, in her opinion, just the right size. i am skeptical.

the reason we’ve been getting together is to be part of a small writing group of people who are part of the building where the zine library is located. we’ve jokingly all decided we will be the next bloomsbury group, except, sadly, the group will disband after only a few meetings. friend twenty-one will move to portland, and the next (and last, so far) i will see her is at a poetry reading at evergreen, where she gets to read from her very own chapbook. i am oddly quite proud, beaming at her as, with her poetry, she tells us tales of her life, including the one about how it’s hard to follow jack kerouac’s example when you are a young woman, how different it is, and how much more it can suck.

friend twenty-one has kind, bright eyes with distractingly pretty eyelashes that make her open smile seem extra genuine somehow. she is thoughtful and real, and one of the smartest people and best writers i know. she’s definitely in that category of facebook friends that i wish i was still near in real life so that we could be closer friends. at the same time, while i don’t think “intimidating” is the right word for her, my admiration for her writing talent has made me shyer than i’d like to be.

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