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friend sixty-one.

friend sixty-one, “beth prentiss,” is hard to write about. she’s someone i’ve always thought is really awesome and smart, but who i’ve also been pretty intimidated by. we went to new college together and she was a very vocal and fierce feminist, and as a shy, awkward, uncertain feminist, i was afraid of doing or saying things that were somehow unfeminist around her, especially because she was really pretty and i could barely handle myself around pretty peers.

one of the themes of many of these posts is how much i’d like to interact with the people i used to be somewhat intimidated by because i think i’d do a better job of actually talking to them, because i finally regard myself as equally human. friend sixty-one doesn’t live too far from me, so that makes it more possible than with some other people, i think. but then there’s also this weird fear that i’m just going to blab out all of the ways i’ve ever felt awkward and how glad i am to not feel that awkward, and what kind of conversation is that.

my dream conversation with friend sixty-one would be less about me or how relatively awkward or confident i feel, and more about big global issues as well as our grown-up perspectives on the weird reality that was new college. it also looks like she studied a subject that is currently dear to me, so that could be a good start, too.

a big part of the reason i’d like to be real friends with friend sixty-one is because even though she has an intimidating exterior, sometimes these expressions of sheer delight cross her face and that looks like fun.


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friend fifty-nine.

in my senior year of high school, at my peak of shyness and social awkwardness, friend fifty-nine, who i will refer to here as “beth marrier,” was in the group of friends i ate lunch with. and the fact that someone as smart and sarcastic and funny as she was would actually eat lunch with me made me feel like i might actually be cool, too. to add to that, she was also a fantastic comedic actress in high school as well. we haven’t seen each other since i graduated, but i’d love to see how confident me would fare in conversation with her.

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friend forty-three.

for like 5 seconds one summer, i lived in this house. next door, with the landlord, lived friend forty-three, who i will refer to here as annice, the younger sister of my housemate. she always had a friendly smile and kind word, but that was the extent of it. since then, i’ve seen her once or twice around oakland, and i’ve also learned that she’s a smarty-pants due to my being able to be part of her doctoral research (now, THAT’s what facebook is for. facebook and surveygizmo.). so we’re sort of basically strangers, but i like her anyway.

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friend twenty-six.

i went to a college full of brilliant people, but man, those who studied science were always the smartest. friend twenty-six, amanda d., is one of those extra-smart science folks who’s kept studying and learning and being smart.

the beginning of our friendship was pretty awkward. she was good friends with and then roommates with a girl i was in love with and dated in college. due to shyness, awkwardness, and miscommunication all around, we didn’t have a fabulously good start. but eventually she became friends with others in my circle and things started to get a lot better. she has great senses of humor, style, and fun, and we share a love of young adult lit, so that’s fun, too. she’s one of the amazing, lucky people who’s been married at our college, which is a stunning magical location. at college i always admired her faith and wished i was brave enough to have the deep conversations about it that i wanted to.

but most importantly, she’s a dancing queen.

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