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i just don’t know what to do with this blog.

i was recently talking a good friend on the phone. she, like my girlfriend, is much less into the social media than i am. in fact, when my girlfriend knows i will be talking to her, she says to say hi to her “non-facebook friend.”

we were talking about our various ways of dealing with people and our desire for new people to connect deeply with, and after talking about how private she and my girlfriend are, i talked about how i tend to approach new people (not all new people, just the good ones) with something like that book are you my mother? except my version is “are you my new bff?”

it’s so hard for me, the level of shallowness of relationships being a grown-up sort of necessitates. there are people i am close to, but man, i want the grown-up version of sitting outside of dorm rooms sharing secrets with almost-strangers.

i think of things like this blog and facebook like that, but one reason i’ve been lacking in posts over here is because of how creepy the motives of facebook seems to be. as a human, in dealing with humans one-to-one, i think of oversharing as a way to stay safe almost– if there are no secrets, no one can find out your secrets. but then, these days, big brother is a reality in ways i can’t fathom.

i think of blogs as being like the end of the movie pump up the volume when all of the radio stations start popping up. it’s magical. and it makes me nauseated when i think that the reason these services are free is that data is being collected like mad. i dislike when my naivete is shattered, y’all.


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friend thirty-eight.

friend thirty-eight and i worked at the local quaker school together. i was in an office and she got to work with the kids. i was a little jealous of that and also a little awed by her tremendous joyful energy.

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friend twenty-seven.

i’m 31. friend twenty-seven isn’t.

we met in our special education credential program, and from the first moment, she was setting up fun social things. there was so much fun in that program, and mostly because of her.

a few weeks in, we were assigned “share bags” where we brought in stuff from our lives that said something about us. she had all of these pictures of her friends dressed up and doing silly things, and i told her that they reminded me of me and my friends when i was younger. she said i could still be doing those things.

friend twenty-seven, who i will refer to here as “amanda jo,” not only has lots of fun, but she’s also one of the more organized and smart people i know– when working with her on a project, you always knew it was going to be done and it was going to be good. and that it would probably make everybody in the room laugh.

and in her free time, when she’s not out having superfun with friends or organizing or teaching, she’s making stuff– fancy treats or crafts. she may possibly be the next martha stewart. but more fabulous.

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friend twenty-five.

one of the youngest people on my facebook list, i met friend twenty-five, who i will refer to here as “amanda c.,” when she came in as a high school tutor for my second-grade after school class. they loved her, a young chinese-american like them, who was smart, fun, and who sometimes came in fancy outfits that the girls really admired. i was always so glad to have her in my class because the kids related to her and she was really good with them. she hadn’t worked with kids too much before then, but i was impressed with what she did in my classroom, sometimes more than with what i did. it’s been 4 years since then. she’s off doing grown-up things now, & her enthusiasm for life in her facebook posts is contagious.

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